Welcome to The Fedd Agency

The Fedd Agency was founded in 2003 by Esther Fedorkevich and is located in Austin, TX. We focus our representation on authors in the Adult faith and secular markets, occasionally selecting Young Adult and Children’s works.

We are a hands-on, marketing-focused company that works closely with our clients from conception to completion of their projects. We provide editorial and marketing direction, as well as aggressive guidance in contract negotiation and opportunities for audio book production. In addition, we manage subsidiary rights for our clients including foreign translation, audio, film, and television rights.

We don’t just represent people or books; we represent futures. We don’t feel the work of a Literary Agent is over once the initial publishing contract is signed. We believe that’s only the beginning. This is why we make it our mission to forecast the future of our clients.

“Getting a book deal is just the first step,” Esther says. “We are vested in shaping the future that can evolve from our clients’ projects. Through our commitment to offer innovative strategies and ideas, we help them see what’s possible—whether that’s finding the best avenue to sell the most books or steering them in a new direction to expand their market. We are committed to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with those we serve so they feel they are a part of something bigger than themselves.”

We at the Fedd Agency pride ourselves on our diverse and eclectic clientele. We represent projects we are confident can be life changing and can positively influence a particular group of readers. That’s why we choose our clients and projects carefully. This has proved to be an effective and successful formula in running our business and contributes to building an agency that exemplifies commitment, integrity, and passion.