Millions of people are engaging in social media every day. It is a powerful tool for expanding marketability and brand reach. However, social media requires a time commitment and personal investment in the lives of one’s followers. Though this can be a fun way to interact and grow your business, the work involved can be overwhelming, especially when you’re just getting started. That is why we at The Fedd Agency are here to help.

Our service packages for managing and helping you maintain your social media sites include a dedicated coordinator who will become familiarized with your products, services, and client base. They will help you navigate the ever-changing online world. Every week we will work to increase your social media presence, help you build relationships, grow a fan base, and develop the  brand.

Depending on your needs, our strategy & setup package can help you:

  • develop a social media marketing strategy tailored to your target customers, sales process, and business goals;
  • track analytical information for determining the effectiveness of your social media activity;
  • identify social media influencers in your industry;
  • identify opportunities for engaging with influencers, prospects, and customers;
  • setup, brand, and optimize your social media accounts;
  • provide weekly, detailed reminders and instructions for interacting on your social media accounts.