We get you a top-of-the market deal

As expert negotiators, we will champion and advocate for you throughout the deal-making process and beyond. After decades in the industry, we know how publishers think and what they’re looking for.

We offer expert editorial and design services

A book proposal is your first impression to publishers. Our team of professional editors and designers work with you to create a book proposal that will impress and intrigue publishers.

We provide strategy beyond the publishing deal

Some agents disappear after the deal is finalized. That’s not how we do things; for us, the signed publishing contract is just the beginning. We’re your partners through the whole process, offering expert strategy and support for proposal writing and content development, marketing strategy, titling and cover design, and more.

We help you build an enterprise

When you become a part of the Fedd Family, we are with you from conception to completion and beyond. We walk alongside you to ensure that each choice is made strategically and with your future as an author and brand in mind.

Agenting Services

  • Conceptual and editorial direction
  • Foreign translation 
  • Proposal writing and design
  • Marketing guidance
  • Contract negotiation
  • Subsidiary rights management
  • Audiobook production
  • Film and television rights

Genres Represented


Featured Books

Meet The Fedd Agents

Esther Fedorkevich

Esther Fedorkevich

I specialize in faith books, political books; athletes’ stories; and inspirational, self-help content


Mitch Royer

I specialize in athletes, bodybuilders, influencers, celebrities, faith, business, memoirs, and inspirational stories.


Tyler Bertola

I specialize in influencers, celebrities, faith, business, memoirs, and inspirational stories.